Personal Cyber Security

There does not seem to be a day that goes by without another alert about another cyber security incident.

For example, AMP have had to get on the front foot recently to advise of malicious emails which have been sent out attempting to impersonate AMP staff by using a fake email format of “firstname.surname @ amp-corporate . com” and a subject line of ‘AMP – Promotional Offer’.

This email address (@ amp-corporate . com) is not a genuine AMP address, and the emails are not authorised or sent by AMP. If you have received one of these emails, please do not open it – instead, contact our office and we can assist you with reporting the incident to AMP Cyber Defence Centre who are investigating instances of these malicious emails.


The constant rate of new hacks and breaches which are more and more complex can lead to cyber security fatigue. This is where awareness or interest in cyber security decreases due to information overload resulting in increased risks associated with not maintaining good personal cyber security. A classic case of this is using the same password across multiple websites.

While some cyber security incidents can be largely out of our control (such as the recent Latitude Financial data breach), one of the best defences you can deploy against being directly impacted by a scam is education.

A great starting point is the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) resources library.

Start with the Personal Cyber Security First Steps Guide and build your knowledge up from there, working through this document and then following onto their ‘Next Step’s and ‘Advanced Steps’ guides.

We’ve included ACSC’s First Steps Checklist below to give you an idea of the topics which are covered in the First Steps Guide – it is all very interesting and well worth reading.

While you are visiting the ACSC website, we would also encourage you to have a look around the different topic areas such as ‘Learn the basics’, ‘Protect yourself’ and ‘Threats’.

You should also consider signing up to ACSC’s free email alerts service which provides information timely about recent online threats and how they can be managed.

Unfortunately, cyber security incidents will not be going away, so it is important to remain vigilant while not succumbing to cyber security fatigue.

If you are ever in doubt about any correspondence you receive, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for initial guidance – it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your personal cyber security.

You can access a copy of this edition of ASIC’s First Steps Checklist here:

ASIC’s First Steps Checklist