Ready to Retire (65+)

You have finally reached the milestone of retirement. You have worked your whole life and are now ready to enjoy it. Go on that holiday you never took. Buy that new car. You want to think about spending time with your loved ones not working out how to make your retirement savings last.

Let us help to:

  • Determine if and how you can continue to meet your annual living expense requirements
  • Demonstrate how long we anticipate your retirement savings will last
  • Consolidate your superannuation savings in order to get maximum benefits
  • Apply for the age pension from Centrelink or any other benefits you may be eligible for
  • Update Centrelink about changes to your allocated pension portfolio
  • Ensure Centrelink’s records of your income and assets are correct
  • Review your investment strategy and risk profile to ensure that it is still appropriate to your needs
  • Establish whether your estate planning arrangements are in order and appropriate for you


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