Superannuation continues to remain one of the most tax effective investment structures available in Australia.

Outside of the principal residence, it is often the largest asset you own, so we encourage you take a keen interest in it – and due to the power of compounding, the earlier you do, the better.

We can assist you with your superannuation through tailored personal advice and ongoing education.  Considerations for you in relation to your superannuation can include:

  • Consolidating multiple superannuation funds
  • Identifying ‘lost’ superannuation accounts from previous employment
  • Understanding how your superannuation is currently invested – and whether this is aligned to your individual goals and investment beliefs
  • Understanding the personal insurance policies that are currently held within, and paid by, your superannuation fund – and whether these are aligned to your personal situation
  • Taking advantage of contribution strategies which may provide you with additional benefits from the Government, or personal income tax savings
  • Ensuring appropriate nominations are in place for the effective transfer of your superannuation (and potential insurance benefits) to your intended beneficiaries in the event of your passing
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