Our financial planning process

The team at Beach Wealth Advisers will work with you to help you determine your individual financial and lifestyle goals and needs. This process is an important step to allowing us to develop a plan to help you reach your goals successfully and practically.  We won’t promise you the world; we will help you understand where you currently are, and through a process of ongoing education, coaching and solid strategies, will help you build your wealth between the flags to get you to where you want to be.

The process we use in order to help you reach your goals involves the following:

This is a chance for us to get to know each other, and allows us to outline the basis of our professional relationship with you. We will discuss your current situation, your visions for the future and discuss various basic financial concepts that may be relevant to your situation.
Following our meeting we conduct any required additional research on your current financial situation. This could include existing financial products such superannuation funds, investments and insurance policies, or perhaps the current structure of your salary and current expenses. We also look for any lost super or bank accounts you may be unaware of with a view of consolidating these to simplify your finances.
Here we will discuss our research findings with you, and ask you any further questions we feel are required to be answered before we would be in a position to determine if we are able to provide you with written advice which would likely improve your financial situation. At this point we would provide you with a quote to prepare written advice, allowing you to decide if you would like to engage our services.
If you choose to engage our services, our team will develop strategies that are tailored to your circumstances and write an advice document addressing findings and recommendations for change.
We invite you in for a detailed presentation and discussion of our recommendations. We take you through the plan step-by-step and answer any questions you may have, ensuring you understand everything that is required.
We take care of the whole implementation process for you. All you need to do after considering our recommendations is to tell us what you would like to be implemented. Our service includes preparing all necessary paperwork, liaising with superannuation and insurance providers on your behalf and taking care of the paperwork for you.
In today’s world things are constantly changing, the best laid plans always need maintenance. Your financial plan is no exception. We work with our clients to form long term, engaging relationships, conducting regular meetings and engaging in regular communication. This allows us to ensure our clients are always optimising their financial situation. We like to keep our lines of communication open, encouraging our clients to contact us if they want to discuss any ideas or plans.


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